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    NC Re-provisioning status failed to update in CLM.

    Akshay D
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      Hello Team,


      This is regarding NC re-provisioning operation.


      After submitting re-provisioning request in CLM, due to network glitch with DB, it failed to acknowledge the request with below error:

           Cannot retrieve networkcontainer post reprovisioning. Failed to successfully re-provision the container, marking as failed : XX-XX

           The attempted bulk entry transaction failed due to an error in one of the individual operations.


      In BNA, NC is in updated state:

      In CLM, NC is in re-provisioning state:

      Coz of this, I cannot do any change with this network context, if I try to do then it shows below error:


      Tried with POD sync and PM-restart (clearing caches), still it shows same result. Now, how can I sync the NC status in CLM w.r.t. BNA.

      Or any other suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!




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          Akshay D



          In Concrete collection, we will see the Status of NC in "Reprovisioning".



          Make it "Active" in both concrete collection entries  and save.


          After this change, NC Status show as "Active" & (ARERR 210446) will not occur in CLM console.

          Now, BNA & CLM differs with NC revised versions, doesn't allow to modify NC, gives this error "Root Cause : Error occurred while modifying the network container. null,"

          To resolve this, again re-provision the same NC with new version only. It will create new relationships and sync all information in CLM & BNA.


          Thus solved the issue!





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