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    Finding the TitleInstanceID of a service request for use in web services

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      I creating web services to allow external clients to create change requests via SRM.  I'm testing the WS via SOAPUI and I'm getting an error that says "Error (380): No item matches the filter conditions -- this operation has been defined so that "No Match" generates an error".  I limited my data imput to a minimum of data and  I can't seem to determine which of the field's filters I'm violating but TitleInstanceID may be it.  I'm using the Service Request Definition ID+ on the Service Request Definition form but it hasn't worked and I'm not sure where else to look for a value.  Is this the place to find the TitleInstanceID?  If not where should I try?


      I'm using AR System 8.0 with ITSM8.0 and SRM 8 on Windows Server 2008 with SQL Server.