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    close of an event

    Steve Robinson
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      Can you close an event from a command line?

      I tried using pw event close but it requires you give a username and in this case no user has been assigned.

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          Andy Scholebo

          Have you tried this?:

          msetmsg -v -n <CellName> -u <event_handle> -C



          msetmsg -v -n pncell_TSIM -u 131253 -C


          -v Verbose

          -n Connect to Cell CellName

          -u Specifies the event handle (Internal ID) of the event to be updated.  To get the event_handle, select the event, then look at the Internal ID in the Internals pane at the bottom of the screen.  Or select the Copy icon above the Event List (within the Operations Console) in order to copy the Event Details.

          -C Set the status of the specified event to CLOSED



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            Steve Robinson

            Andy,  That worked perfectly!

            Thank you!