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    Web service Error

    Jameer Inamdar
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      Hi All,


      Dose any resolve this error


      390603 : An exception occurred from the WebService class : ; nested exception is:
          java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect (ARERR 9130).



      Please help me..




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          Rakesh Jajper

          Hi Jameer,


          This error comes when we execute the web service, and if everything is configured correctly it will return

          the expected results.

          So I would suggest you to please look into Intgration Guide, for doing the necessary configurations.

          And also please enable the Plug-in log which will help us to find the root cause of the problem.

          And paste it on the post.



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            Jameer Inamdar

            Hi RJ


              This web service is perviously workin fine.


            And here I am given Plug Log



            <PLGN> <TID: 011856> <RPC ID: 0000003037> <Queue: ARFILTERAPI> <Client-RPC: 390695> /* Fri Jan 15 2010 03:55:55.5190 */ <> <FINE> About to invoke
            <PLGN> <TID: 011488> <RPC ID: 0000003036> <Queue: ARFILTERAPI> <Client-RPC: 390695> /* Fri Jan 15 2010 03:55:55.9880 */ <> <FINE> java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out
            <PLGN> <TID: 011488> <RPC ID: 0000003036> <Queue: ARFILTERAPI> <Client-RPC: 390695> /* Fri Jan 15 2010 03:55:55.9880 */ -CALL


            Arerror log

            An exception occurred from the WebService class : ; nested exception is:
                java.net.SocketException: Connection reset by peer: socket write error (ARERR 9130)

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              Sylvain YVON

              Hi Jameer,


              Check that the web server hosting the web service you try to consume is up and running. If it is, try to connect to the web sever port via telnet to check that your arserver can open a connection.

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                Jameer Inamdar

                After Investigation above problem I found

                Whnever I try to consume webservice using Filter it show Read Time Out error in plugin log.I check my server Filter API RPC is 100 but still its given same error is any other solution to reslove it

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                  there are different error messages in your first and second post:


                  - connection reset by peer

                  - connection refused


                  Which one do you currently get? Or both?


                  Some ideas:

                  - Test the webservice using some Web Service Client (i recommend soapUI, it's free)

                  - You've mentioned that the webservice used to work. Are there any changes within your network? Do you use a proxy to access the webservice or internet in general? If yes, did you set the proxy settings in server information? If proxy access is restricted to users: The User running AR Server must be given permission to access the proxy.

                  - Doubble check the credentials

                  - If you access the web service url over https and you get a certificate warning in Internet Explorer, add the certificate to your java keystore.





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                    Jameer Inamdar

                    Hi Marcus,


                      Actully I getting both error in my log file.But some time my webservice is working fine is their third party issue or n/w issue.


                    please help me.



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                      Sylvain YVON



                      Have you check that the webservice you are trying to consume is functionnal and stable, like I suggested earlier ?

                      Like Marcus, I recommend SoapUI.

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                        Jameer Inamdar

                        Hi Syvon,



                        I check it with soapUI and its working with but it still given error with AR.

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                          I'm having similar issue, works in SOUP UI but not in ARS


                          Error encountered while executing a Web Service :

                          Connection refused: connect (ARERR 9130)


                          Did you find any solution? Please let me know.

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                            Jameer Inamdar

                            Hi Venkata,


                            ARERR 9130 is common error and its cause my differ please collect plug-in log for detail and I am hoping you are testing webservice with soap by deploying soap on AR server machine.






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                              Ganesh Gore

                              Hello Venkata,

                              The webservice endurl should be accessible from the AR Server machine. Login to ARserver box and try to access the Webservice WSDL in browser. It should load WSDL file in the browser. Or you can install soap client on AR server and test the webservice as suggested by Jameer.


                              If you are trying to consume external webservice in remedy then you need to enable plugin logs. you can change the plugin log level to debun in log4j_pluginsvr.xml file for detailed logs.


                              Enabling server-side AR System logs - BMC Remedy Action Request System 8.1 - BMC Documentation

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                                Already tested with SOAP UI from AR server and it works fine and also able to load the WSDL from browser also.



                                Venkata Pendyala

                                Sr Remedy Admin/Developer

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                                  Joyabrata Datta

                                  What is the solution guys. I am also having a similar type of error when consuming an external web service.

                                  Below is the error that I am getting -

                                  ARERR [9130] An exception occured from the WebService class: (502) Proxy Error

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                                    Vinodh Kumar Katta

                                    Whether external webservice url is HTTP or HTTPS.


                                    Browser and SOAP UI & Browser works fine even if it is HTTPS, where you need to install the certificate in JAVA.