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    Remedyforce REST API Extension

    Chris Owens



      I'm currently trying to implement some self incident logging solutions using the Remedyforce REST API.


      I've been able to authenticate fine and send successful GET and POST messages to the REST API however our org has a number of validation rules on the Incident object which obviously get triggered when you attempt to send the very basic set of data that's described in the REST API documentation provided by BMC.


      Ideally I would be sending a request like this:



              "Template": REST Ticket Test",

               "Category": "REST Service",

          "Description": "Test Incident",

          "OpenDateTime": "",

          "DueDateTime": "",

          "ClientId":  "",

          "IncidentSource": "Source"


      But it does not accept anything except the 4 default values listed in the documentation. I tried looking in the Apex class for it but it is obfuscated and only shows the method stubs (constructor and doPost). It does list the accepted Url as /1.0/Incident/* however which to me implies it should accept any number of parameters from the Url but I've not had any success with this either.

      I've also tried to substitute the field names for their respective Object names such as BMCServiceDesk__FKCategory__c.


      Is anyone able to walk me through how to go about this, if possible, or suggest a better way of going about it (Salesforce API and manage the objects more directly?) ?


      Many thanks,