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    Prevent Survey Emails When Subtask is Closed

    Sean Wieland

      Recently we enabled surveys for ALL tickets. I'm trying to add criteria to prevent subtasks from generating surveys, but Generic Linking, not equal to, Master/Subtask: Subtask is not an option.  Has anyone else figured out how to limit  surveys to tickets and master tickets?

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          Sean Wieland

          I figured out a solution:

          • Create Subtask Boolean field.
          • Create business rule:
            • Triggers - After Save: On Create, On Update by User or Rule
            • Criteria -
              • Generic Linking, Participates in, Master/Subtask: Subtask
              • AND Subtask equal to false
            • Actions - set field value Subtask true
          • Update workflow process Send Survey on Closed business rule:
            • Triggers - on enter
            • Criteria -
              • Status equal to closed
              • Subtask equal to false
            • Actions - send survey email.


          This will be published tonight and I will follow up next week to confirm the change is working as intended.

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            Nicolas Roome

            Another way to do this is to avoid using master/subtask within the same item. For instance, do not have incidents (subtask) linked to incidents (master). Instead have tasks (subtask) linked to incidents (master). Similar to Service Request and all other items. This helps also keep your metrics in check. For instance, how many incidents were opened with the Service Desk in the last X timeframe. Well right now you either include the subtasks and get poor information, or have to figure out how to exclude them, which can be challenging.