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    Can a report type with incidents with incident history be created?

    Dan Bontrager
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      I recently created a Category Type report type for our users setup like this:

      The users are now asking for the ability to see incident history with the same report type.  I went in to the report type to see if I could add that level and i could not see 'Incident History' under 'Incidents'.  I then tried to make a new report type from Incidents to Incident History and had the same experience.  I also tried making a report type from Incident History to Incidents and couldn't do that either.  I also tried making a joined report with the above report type and adding Incident History, but the system prevented that with this error message:

      Incompatible Report Type

      This report type cannot be used, because it has no fields in common with the report types in your joined report.



      Is there a way to create a report type that could bring the Incidents and Incident History objects together?