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    Field Question in Email Template

    Mitchell Koffman
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      I'm working on an email template and seem to be stuck on on one field. I have a Service Request that captures a client's name and a laptop that is being assigned to them. My template captures the name and laptop fine, but I can't seem to put the associated Serial Number field in bold. The field in bold just returns a blank field.


      <p>{!BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c.BMCServiceDesk__Client_Name__c} <br /> <br />

      You were issued [{!BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c.BMCServiceDesk__FKBMC_BaseElement__c}] [{!BMCServiceDesk__BMC_BaseElement__c.BMCServiceDesk__SerialNumber__c}] at {!BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c.BMCServiceDesk__openDateTime__c}.</p>



      Is there another field that I should be using?