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    BMC Digital Workplace 18.11 is Now Available

    John Weigand
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      BMC Software announces the 18.11 release of BMC Digital Workplace. This release delivers significant new functionality that customers have requested, including enhancements to the end user experience and catalog capabilities, as well as various defect fixes.



      Key features and changes include:


      • Add collaborators to a request
        BMC Digital Workplace users can add users from their organization to new or existing unfulfilled service requests. They can also save and reuse the collaborators list for other requests. Collaborators can view, edit, and delete a request.
      • Check for dependent services
        BMC Digital Workplace Catalog administrators can now associate dependent services to new or existing services, which are treated as a pre-requisite for requesting the service. Use this feature to check and mandate a required service before requesting a related service.
        BMC Digital Workplace users who create requests are notified of existing dependencies, and provided with the option to create one or more additional requests for the required services or provide details of an existing request, before completing their request.
      • Assign actions to asset class attributes
        BMC Digital Workplace Catalog administrators, internal service suppliers, and internal service supplier administrators can query assets. They can also define conditions on asset classes to restrict the number of assets that will be associated to a service action, so that end users can only see specific asset actions on their My Stuff page.
      • Questionnaire enhancements for an improved end-user experience
        • Prepopulate questions with answers from selection menu questions
          BMC Digital Workplace administrators can now use action triggers to display responses or additional questions based on real-time values applicable to the user. For example, managers can be presented with a drop-down list of their team as soon as they create a request, and third-party contractors are not presented with the Employee ID field in a form.
        • Questions based on conditions applicable to one or more fixed or dynamic responses
          BMC Digital Workplace Catalog administrators can now add one or more conditions to questionnaires that return additional fields based on fixed or dynamic responses to a question. For example, users can request an additional monitor if they already have a laptop and a docking station.
      • Develop connectors for on-premises installations
        Use Remote Connector Servers to connect to custom connectors that you develop for using in your on-premises setup. Explore this option only if the other available types of connectors do not meet your connector needs. For example, Integration Service connectors, and other built-in in-process connectors such as the Remedy connector are available out-of-the-box.
        Use the provided guidance to build you own connectors and use them in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog . Your remote server will host connectors that can be used by BMC Digital Workplace Catalog for transferring data to and from external systems via REST calls.
      • Reassign approvals to other business users
        Approvers can use the reassign option to send requests to other business users for approval.


      Getting BMC Digital Workplace 18.11
      This feature release is available for download from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. For download links and checksum information, see Downloading the BMC Digital Workplace installation files.


      Want more details?
      For detailed information about the enhancements in this release and the list of issues that have been corrected, see the BMC Digital Workplace Basic release notes and the BMC Digital Workplace Advanced release notes.


      Best regards,


      John Weigand
      R&D Program Manager
      BMC Software