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    Search expressions

    Rémi Chaffard
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      I'm trying to extend some BAI nodes to set some attributes based on functional components named values. I'm trying to do it in a generic way but it does not work. My code is as follow


      for att in ['att1','att2', 'att3'] do
          attributes := search(in bai traverse FunctionalContainer:FunctionalContainment:ContainedFunctionality:FunctionalComponent where %att% defined);
            if attributes then 
              bai[att] := attributes[0][att];
            end if;
      end for;


      This ends up with  this error:


      ParseFailure: ModelCORBA.Search.ParseFailure(reason='Only attributes can be used in DEFINED expressions', token='', lineno=1L)


      Is there any way to do it?