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    Monitors and Configuration Items in Presentation Server

    Mariusz Cwiklinski
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      In large TrueSight implementations it is possible to register multiple TrueSight Infrastructure Management servers in Presentation Server.



      There are 3 TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM1, TSIM2 and TSIM3) servers connected to Presentation Server.
      TSIM1 server is configured with CI publishing enabled from CMDB to the cell.
      TSIM2 and TSIM3 servers are configured with Integration Services and PATROL Agents are streaming monitoring data to them. TSIM2 and TSIM3 don't have CI publishing enabled.

      In Presentation Server the CI and PATROL Agent monitoring data coming from different TSIM servers are combined at Device level (BMC_ComputerSystem class) – this is working OK. You will see 2 names of TSIM servers in Source Name at Device Details view (for example TSIM1 and TSIM2 host names or TSIM1 and TSIM3 host names).

      We would like to assign some monitors to higher level CI classes in Service Model using CI_ALIAS property of monitor (in Administration Console).

      Unfortunately this will not work in example setup as in current TrueSight version the CI and monitor must exist in the same TSIM server to be able to use CI_ALIAS.


      Please vote for Idea: Combine monitors and CIs in Presentation Server using CI_ALIAS property of monitor