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    Cannot get template to be applied from Console > Create/Edit Layout > Assign Template on record create

    Dan Bontrager
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      We have some users that would like to have a few fields pre-populated with options and text when creating a new change request.  I created a template for their request:


      I would like to have this template applied via a ‘layout’ selection when clicking the New button on Change Request.  I went into the Console config and for Change Requests, I checked the box for Enable Multiple Layouts and under Create/Edit Layout, I used the Assign Templates button to assign this template to a layout:


      After saving everything, I bring up the Remedyforce Console and under Change Request, select the Change Request Console Default Layout:


      When the change tab opens, none of the fields that the template should be setting are set.  Does the change request need to be saved first before the template is applied?  If so, that does not help much since the template is setting several fields that are required, so I would be manually setting those when I want the template to take care of them…CM Domain is an example of that: it is a required fields that is left blank and I want the template to set that to “I=Individual Systems”.


      Hopefully, I am just missing a piece of the configuration.  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks.