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    BPPM jserver cache refresh

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      we've been lately experiencing a weird behaviour with the jserver BPPM9.6 cache: some events that are actually closed keep appearing in the OM console as open, but ,since they are actually closed (and you can see it in the Summary tabs of these events), no operation can be done on them (ack, assign, close..).

      Restarting the jserver fixes everything, but this is happening daily and is affecting both Alarms events (bppm server thresholds) and patrol events sent by patrolagents.


      Does anybody know anything about how the caching works ?

      First of all: is the cache showing what's in the BPPM sybase db or what's in the bppm cell ?

      Is the cache refreshing automatically based on some schedule ? Can this be tuned ?


      Is there anything users might be doing that could potentially cause this bahaviour ? For example: leaving opened sessions, not logging out and simply closing browsers, using strange browsers, not clearing the browser's cache or else ? (just blind guessing..)