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    upgrade to 200

    Jeffrey Jordan
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      I'm fixing to upgrade from to 200 - Can I use the auto deploy to upgrade EM & Controlm Server from 100 to 200? I don't mind doing them manually if I have to but just seeing if there's easier ways w/ the auto deploy. In the downloads section of BMC what's the difference between the DRNFT & DROST downloads? I assume best way to upgrade is still EM, then server then agents just like I did from to

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          Jeffrey Jordan

          And another follow up question - can I keep it in compatibility mode instead of forcing all to upgrade their clients from the version of 9 they're running? For now we've been running in comp mode as it was disruptive for many of our people to have to run a dual install of WLA plugin - 1 for prod & 1 for dev. I run a dual install along w/ a couple of others just due to us being admins. Yes eventually we'll have all upgrade their plugin client but not until we upgrade prod.

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            Mun Keong Lee

            Hi Jeffrey

            EM and Control-M Server have to be upgraded manually. Auto-deploy is for agents, MFT & Application Pack only.

            DROST contains EM, Server, Agent components. DRNFT contains only the EM component. You can use DRNFT to manually install the EM client but it's necessary if you are using Client Distribution.

            You can keep compatibility mode as long as you wish but you will be missing out on the new features. Once you turn compatibility mode off, there's no turning back to your V9 client.




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