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    Case Survey

    Antony Wardle
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      Has anyone received a survey after a case has been closed?


      I did one, expressed my disappointment and then ticked the please contact me, but no one has ever contacted me.


      Wondering if this is just related to me, or if it happens to everyone

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          Antony Wardle

          So no one else has had this or you are all so impressed with the service and the product, that you haven't had the need to complain.

          That is just incredible. I guess that I am just the unlucky one.

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            Razeem Mohamed

            Many might have expressed their disappointment. Except that you have posted this in the incorrect user space. I am moving it to customer support community.


            Customer Care - FYI.

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              Jesse Richardson

              Razeem Mohamed - thanks for moving the post.


              Antony Wardle - I'm sorry about the bad experience and not hearing back from the Support Manager about the survey.  I sent an email to the Support Manager to follow up with you, let me know if you don't hear back.

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                Antony Wardle

                so, its my fault that not one of the BMC support people who read my first post actually did anything about it, and the reason that I got nothing was because it was in the wrong area?


                Come on, that's a cop out. It was posed in middle ware support because that is the product that I have and that is the product that is failing to meet my expectations.

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                  Garland Smith

                  BMC Communities is completely separate and independent of BMC Technical Support.  Posting on BMC Communities is not a substitute for opening a Support case.  Support may not see or be aware of your Communities posts.


                  Garland Smith

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                    Matt Laurenceau

                    Antony Wardle, thanks for following-up, and sorry that your initial post from September fell thru the net.


                    I can only comment on the BMC Communities part (not the Support Case/survey details -- to best interact with Support team, Support web site is the way to go)


                    Your post was about Support, and not the product itself).

                    • To interact with the Support Community (Customers, Partners and BMCers who care about Support), post indeed in BMC Customer Support Community (see how quickly things happened when Razeem moved your post)
                    • To interact about a given product (with Customers, Partners and BMCers who are interested in this product), posting in the relevant Product sub-community.


                    We're setting up tactics so that we limit the number of posts that fall into the cracks (and move to ZERO each month).

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                      Antony Wardle

                      I can well imagine how opening a case like this would go. I would be bounced around BMC land until I gave up. I never said that I was after support. I asked if anyone had ever been contacted after filling out a customer satisfaction survey, and for nearly three months, no one replied. It wasn't til I replied that anyone actually answered, and what did I get? I got a lot of answers to questions that I didn't ask, telling me that it was my fault that no other customers had answered. I've seen one offer of help which was useful. Really, I think your handling of customers is poor, and BTW, I've still not heard from anyone at BMC.


                      You might want to update the splash screen that reads:

                      • Level up your Communities skills

                        Get engagement tips and tricks from our experts

                      so that it is inline with your above statement that says Support may not be aware of these posts.

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                        Henning Michel

                        Hello Anthony, my name is Henning Michel and I am the ZSO Support Manager responsible for the product and Oliver Lemke's boss. Tried to catch you on the phone today but it seems that you're off so I LMOAM announcing that I will call you again. Looking fw to talk to you soon. Best regards, Henning 

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                          Matt Laurenceau

                          Thanks Anthony for honest feedback.

                          Again, I apologize that your post on BMC Communities was ignored for several weeks.

                          As said earlier, we're setting up automations and processes so that we limit the number of posts that fall into the cracks.


                          I see that Henning Michel reached out to you, great!

                          Wishing you the best with your Product.

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