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    How are you managing D2P/Deployment Management Console with Linux systemd services?

    Davin Lindner-Green
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      Hello, anyone using systemd to start/stop AR System or Midtier Tomcat services on Linux or Unix instead of the older style init scripts? For example as described here: systemd unit file for arsystem (thanks to Sylvain YVON) ... would be applicable to ARS 9.1.4 or higher.


      If so, how have you approached the part of the D2P/Deployment Management process where you must run the arpayloaddeploymentutil.sh script? (for example, see step 9 in these release notes for the ARS/CMDB/ITSM 9.1.4 patch 2 release notes: Patch 2 for version 9.1.04 - Documentation for BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment 9.1 - BMC Documentation )


      I have AR System/CMDB/ITSM services running under systemd on one server and Midtier Tomcat running on another, in a server group. And, processes run as non-root user (so I have to invoke the systemctl command using sudo).


      What I've found is that this part of the deployment relies on the file deployment service to stop the services, deploy the file/binary content of the patch, then restart the services (also checking status along the way). The problem is, when your AR System service and Midtier Tomcat service are controlled by the systemd the BMC OOTB scripts won't work to stop/start these services. So this part of the deployment will fail.


      As a workaround, what I've done is to prepare the servers by stopping the service using systemd (systemctl stop arsystem for example) and then start them using the OTB scripts (/opt/ar/ARSystem/bin/arsystem start for example). Then proceede with the patching, run the arpayloaddeploymentutil.sh script, and verify everything is complete.


      Then finally, stop the services using the OOTB script, and restart using the systemd process.


      And this works fine, although a bit cumbersome. Any better suggestions out there in the community?


      I've had a thought of modifying the <midtier home>/filedeployer/conf/ar.conf file on the Midtier server that seems to contain commands for controlling the external Tomcat process (replacing them with systemctl equivalents), but since I'm running in sudo not sure this would work.


      Even if you don't have a better way, maybe I've suggested something that might work for you.