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      • 15. Re: Microsoft Edge compatibility problem
        Alok Dewhare

        Hi Michael,


        As per your query,

        I doubt it will be fixed on 8.1.02 though.


        Yes you may not get hotfix, since this is unsupported version, but you should try the workaround mention in the KB, to see if that help you.


        hope it help you.




        • 16. Re: Microsoft Edge compatibility problem
          Michael Galat

          Hi Alok -


          I am curious - as I said I have 8.1.02, and when I look in ClientCore.js I am not seeing the syntac mentioned:



               if(document.applets["PostApplet"]) {



          I couple of places I do see this:




          is this what I would change to:




          Also, I do not have Win10 and Edge at work - is there another way to test this workaround?




          • 17. Re: Microsoft Edge compatibility problem
            Alok Dewhare

            Hi Michael,


            For me it was only problem with EDGE browser. Which Browser you are facing the issue.


            It was working fine on EDGE browser but as soon as it got upgrade to the KB number mention in at the start we face the issue.


            While on Chrome and Firefox it work fine.


            In the KB they said its fix for 9.1SP4 version , where we need to replace the current ClientCore.js file.


            So this will not help in your situation where you are on 8.1 Sp2.


            There are 2 ways


            1) If it was working fine on the same browser and it got affected after upgrading the browser then you can removed the upgrading browser are should work with OLD one, i did the same thing with my EDGE browser, i removed the KB which was creating this issue.


            2) Upgrade the Remedy to 9.1 Sp4 as Remedy 8.1.Sp2 is out of support and you may not get any hotfix on unsupported version.


            Hope this help.




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            • 18. Re: Microsoft Edge compatibility problem
              Stefan Hall

              Hi Igor Smrdelj,

              if your question is answered, please mark the helpful answers and finish your question cleanly by marking the correct answer.

              This will help everyone in the community to find the important information faster.

              • 19. Re: Microsoft Edge compatibility problem
                Igor Smrdelj

                Hi Stefan,


                I will mark question as answered...

                Just additional info -  It seems also BMC and Microsoft have made some progress regarding this issue - since I've just checked with my co-worker - in the latest Windows version:


                Remedy works OK (without any action taken from my side)



                • 20. Re: Microsoft Edge compatibility problem
                  Jeff R

                  I tested with Edge v41.16299.611.0, EdgeHTML v16.16299. Didn't have the issue. (Release date: September 26th, 2017).


                  Upgraded to Edge v42.17134.1.0, EdgeHTML v17.17134. Reproduced the issue (Release date: April 30th, 2018). I believe it's included in Windows 10 Build 1803.


                  Cannot upgrade to Edge v44.17763.1.0, EdgeHTML v18.17763 (Release date: early October, 2018) to test if issue is resolved, as Microsoft has pulled the Windows 10 Build for this version due to reports of data loss: Build 1809.  You may be able to find the ISO to manually install the upgrade. Upgrade at your own risk.


                  Windows 10 October update is no longer being provided by any of the - Microsoft Community


                  Even if the update does resolve it, more than likely, Microsoft will release a new build and said new build may exhibit the same issue.

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