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    Active Directory Response Error

    Rohit Kulkarni
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      Hi ,


      I have been working on for the Password reset of a user in AD using Active Directory Adapter.


      But whatever the request given to Adapter says error as : Remote command failed to start. Returned error code is 267(0x407053)


      I have tried all types of requests to the adapter but it returns error as below.


      Please help me to fix this.


      Adapter Request:






              <active-directory-command>Check Password Expiry</active-directory-command>










      Adapter response:






        <target-output host="Test1">


            <os-id>Windows Server 2008</os-id>







                <command>dsquery user -stalepwd 60 -name "Test"</command>







                <line index="1">Copyright 2010 BMC Software Ltd, Version: 1.5  </line>

                <line index="2">Connecting to remote service...</line>

                <line index="3">Connected to remote host.</line>

                <line index="4">Remote command failed to start. Returned error code is 267(0x407053)</line>

                <line index="5">StandartExecution(): SayLaunchExecutable() 0xFFFFFFFF</line>