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    Run process "Application-Query-Delete-Entry" not working

    Igor Svetek
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      I have a filter that has several steps and the last step is to delete the entry. All steps run as planned, but the record stays. I have checked the following articles:

      Application-Query-Delete-Entry qualification issue

      Application-Query-Delete-Entry Process command error

      APPLICATION-QUERY-DELETE-ENTRY not deleting record

      but with no results. I also tried to use this step in a separate escalation, but with no results.


      Run process command should be like this:

      Application-Query-Delete-Entry "ABC:XY:TransactionStatus" 'CalledID' = $Request ID$


      Tried following:

      Application-Query-Delete-Entry "ABC:XY:TransactionStatus" ('CalledID' = $Request ID$)

      Application-Query-Delete-Entry "ABC:XY:TransactionStatus" '8' = $Request ID$

      @@:Application-Query-Delete-Entry "ABC:XY:TransactionStatus" 'CalledID' = $Request ID$