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    BMC Topology Discovery Server Not Ready

      Hi all,

      We upgraded our TD server from to versión. After, we run CMDB Extensions Loader process and then we restart our TD Server. Now, when we try to connect to TD we receive following error:

      The BMC Topology Discovery server is not ready to accept a connection. Retry in few minutes.

      We wait 5, 10 and 15 minutos and nothing change, we receive same error.

      Any idea to solve this problem?

      Thanks and regards,

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          Roger Scott

          Go to the task manager window and manually stop the TD_agent, TD_manager and DiscoService processes, then restart via 'BMCDiscovery' in the Services window from Control Panel (then wait a few minutes for all processes to start, you can monitor this in the task manager window). Not a guarantee, but it may work for you and you should only have to do it one time, subsequent restarts or reboots should work fine.




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            Roger Gibbison

            I also had this yesterday with TD 1.5.

            The problem was that the client couldn't connect even though the client was on the server!! because of McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention was blocking the local IP address.


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              Hi Roger,

              I did your procedure but the problem continue... No antivirus problem was happen...

              Any other idea?


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                Gordon McKeown

                Try stopping the Discovery service and re-launching it as an application using the batch file in the TD application directory; this might provide some additional debug information in the text console that appears when you start it this way. I don't recall the exact name of the batch file, and haven't got a TD instance handy to check -- sorry!

                Failing that I'd go for the sledgehammer route of using Wireshark, Filemon, Regmon, etc. to figure out what's happening.

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                  Thanks all,

                  I receive following error when launch with Gui.bat process:


                  ****************************</p><p>LOADING ENVIRONMENT</p><p>***************************</p><p>***************************</p><p>LOADING ENVIRONMENT</p><p>***************************</p><p>***************************</p><p>System ENVIRONMENT</p><p>***************************</p><p>***************************</p><p>Platform ENVIRONMENT</p><p>****************************

                  com.bmc.discovery.util.session.AccessControlServiceException: Naming error

                  at com.bmc.discovery.util.session.visibroker.AccessControlServiceImpl.ge


                  at com.bmc.discovery.util.session.SessionManager.isSystemReady(SessionMa


                  at com.bmc.discovery.util.session.SessionManager.login(SessionManager.ja


                  at com.bmc.discovery.client.DiscoveryClient.<init>(DiscoveryClient.java:


                  at com.bmc.discovery.client.DiscoveryClient.main(DiscoveryClient.java:46


                  Caused by: com.bmc.td.corba.naming.NamingException: Name not found: alias://SV_A


                  at com.bmc.td.dm.common.service.resolution.ResolutionServiceAccessor.res


                  at com.bmc.discovery.util.session.visibroker.ClientServiceAccessorFramew


                  at com.bmc.td.dm.common.service.resolution.ResolutionServiceAccessor.res


                  at com.bmc.discovery.util.session.visibroker.AccessControlServiceImpl.ge


                  at com.bmc.discovery.util.session.visibroker.AccessControlServiceImpl.ge


                  ... 4 more

                  Any idea?

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                    Sorry, previous error message appears if I run Gui.bat when I start BMCDiscovery service. 5 or 10 minutes later, this message doesn´t appear and only I receive following information:


                    ****************************</p><p>LOADING ENVIRONMENT</p><p>***************************</p><p>***************************</p><p>LOADING ENVIRONMENT</p><p>***************************</p><p>***************************</p><p>System ENVIRONMENT</p><p>***************************</p><p>***************************</p><p>Platform ENVIRONMENT</p><p>****************************</p>

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                      because you were on the process of upgrading your td server to I guess that you have make backup of the discovery directory ?
                      if so, have you make the backup on the same level ?
                      ( for exemple discovery and discoverybackup)

                      Otherwise I think that you haven't change the td server name or ip adresse of the server ?

                      on the install log everithing was fine ?

                      you cannot start the gui from the web page or the gui.bat  ?

                      on the process explorer do you see :


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                        one more thing
                        the log for the service are something like
                        C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Discovery\public_html\visualis\log\NTService

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                          Gordon McKeown

                          It&#39;s definitely not gui.bat that I was thinking of; iirc that launches the client. It&#39;s something like start.bat, launch.bat, or run.bat -- this starts the TD server itself (which is why you have to stop the service first).

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                            Alok Kumar

                            This problem also comes if your database is down. Please verify if the database instance is up and running. If possible try to restart the database.

                            Best of Luck.


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                              td_agent process is not running. DiscoService and td_manager are running "properly". How I can start td_agent process?

                              Log files (installation and NTservice) don´t indicate any error.

                              Also, note that, I can not load server logs page after login on it with admin/admin. The page login properly but don´t finish to load.

                              PD: server name and ip address haven´t changed.

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                                gordon mention a bat file named launch.bat

                                this batch file allow to launch the bmcdiscovery software without the service.
                                I can also point if it comes from that part.


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                                  Alok, our disco database is up because I can access it with SQL Management studio with disco/disco user.

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                                    Gilles, I run launch.bat process with following message:


                                    ****************************<br />   LAUNCHING PLATFORM<br />****************************
                                    EmbededTomcat: Default commonCL
                                    Detected strange java.home value C:\PROGRA1\BMCSOF1\DISCOV~1\jre, it should po
                                    int to jre
                                    EmbededTomcat: Init time 1359
                                    EmbededTomcat: Startup time 156

                                    and the process is waiting for something... In production enviroment (that works properly) we have one line more: MANAGER>Ping1 done

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