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    Can I add an 'interval' schedule to an Execution Task via BLCLI?

    Justan Suss
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      I'm looking to add a schedule to an execution task with something like what's available when you add an 'interval' type schedule via GUI.


      Every 14 D 0H 0M starting 24-Oct-2018 6:30:00 PM


      Looking at the commands available for the Execution Task I see commands to add weekly, monthly or one time schedules.


      My REAL requirement is to create a bi-weekly schedule that begins in say, 9 days. I tried 'duping' the AddWeeklySchedule by setting a date in the future, but it seems that even when you pass the datestring it only reads the hhmmss of it.


      blcli_execute ExecutionTask addWeeklySchedule $et1DBKey "2099-01-01 23:35:00" "8" "2"


      gave me a schedule WEDNESDAY at 23:35:00 every 2 weeks - with next schedule coming 17-Oct-2018 at 11:35:00 PM.



      Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

      I just learned of the unreleased commands. I'm generating the help files for those now.

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          Bill Robinson

          if you look at the unreleased commands for the ExecutionTask.addOneTimeSchedule you see what it calls:

          then look at what Job.addIntervalSchedule calls:


          so instead of calling the JobSchedule.setOnceDateTime, you'd call the JobSchedule.setInterval...  commands like in the Job version....


          this can be put into a custom xml in NSH/br/xml/cli or you can call the set of commands directly in your nsh script.

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            Justan Suss

            Thanks Bill,


            I'm struggling to understand how to use commands from the 'job' or 'jobscheule' namespaces with the executiontasks.



            My script starts with


                 blcli_execute ExecutionTask getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/folder1/folder2" "ExecutionTask"

                 blcli_storeenv etkey


                 DATE_STRING="2018-10-24 18:30:00"





            that's fine. - I can echo out the above variables as expected


            but I'm not sure how to get the command to work from there


                 blcli_execute ExecutionTask setIntervalDay $etkey "$DATE_STRING" "$DAYS" "$HOURS" "$MINS"

            errors out: 'setIntervalday' doesn't exist in executiontask namespace


                 blcli_execute JobSchedule setIntervalDay $etkey "$DATE_STRING" "$DAYS" "$HOURS" "$MINS"

            but it errors with: Found command 'JobSchedule.setIntervalDay' but with mismatching arguments


            I also tried using the addIntervalSchedule command (same syntax as above) with both the ExecutionTask and Job namespaces....

            as you'd expect - Found command 'Job.addIntervalSchedule' but with mismatching arguments.  AND ExecutionTask has no commands by name : addIntervalSchedule

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              Justan Suss

              So, after posting my first reply above I revisted this. It took effort but we wound up getting it done.


              ICYMI here's what we came up with to add an interval type schedule that begins in a future date.


              NOTE 1 - my var declaration below - 'INTERVAL' is i days and I hard coded the '0' for hours and mins to suit my needs.

              NOTE 2: NOTE: Did not use the Utility.setinputastargetobject command eitehr.

              NOTE 3: blcli_execute Utility createModelObject JobSchedule - you MUST pass argument 'JobSchedule.'. Seems like "createModelObject" is less about object creation and more about defining a target namespace.

              NOTE 4: Sampple below assumes you already have the $etkey



              echo "*** ADDING THE BIWEEKLY SCHEDULE TO THE TASK ***"

              DATE_STRING="2036-09-21 18:30:00"



              blcli_execute Utility stringToDate "$DATE_STRING"

              blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject

              blcli_execute Utility storeTargetObject scheduleDate


              ### Getting the ET ID of the Execution Task and then getting the JobKey ****"

              blcli_execute ExecutionTask findByDBKey $etkey

              blcli_execute ExecutionTask getExecutionTaskId

              blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject

              blcli_execute Utility storeTargetObject executionTaskId

              blcli_execute ExecutionTask getJobDbKeyByExecutionTaskId NAMED_OBJECT=executionTaskId

              blcli_storeenv jobKey


              # creating the 'JobSchedule' object

              blcli_execute Utility createModelObject JobSchedule

              blcli_execute JobSchedule setExecutionTask $etkey

              blcli_execute JobSchedule setStartTime NAMED_OBJECT=scheduleDate

              blcli_execute JobSchedule setIntervalDay $INTERVAL

              blcli_execute JobSchedule setIntervalHour 0

              blcli_execute JobSchedule setIntervalMinute 0

              blcli_execute JobSchedule setSchedFreqTypeId 5

              blcli_execute Schedule create

              blcli_execute JobSchedule getScheduleId