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    BMC Developer Studio - upload file from web page

    Angelo Pisaturo

      hi experts,

      I've a question for you :-).

      I created a DISPLAY_ONLY form with a button that executes a script sh (this script run a Spoon Pentaho Transformation) installed on the machine; for this point I've no problem, the script runs correctly.

      The script needs an input file (csv) that I would like to load (in the same path where I've installed the script) by a popup on the web page.

      Could you help me? I would be really grateful :-)

      Thanks in advance

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          Mohammad Rehman

          That should be done in your transformation? would you share your transformation step screen shot which loads the csv file? there you need to define the path.

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            Angelo Pisaturo

            Hi Mohamed,

            I'm not sure that I understand your request ... let me explain better.

            I created a job through PENTAHO and after I created a script sh that runs the following command:


            nohup sh /Pro****/ARSystem/******/*******/kitchen.sh -server = ***** -port = ***** -user = ****** -pass = ******* -dir = / -job = "NAME_OF_PENTAHO_JOB" -level = Basic> / tmp /*******.log &


            I created a DISPLAY_ONLY by DEVELOPER STUDIO with a button associated to an ActiveLink that run the previous script


            Following a screen of DISPLAY_ONLY with a button




            following a definition of ActiveLink associated to the button





            as I said in the initial thread for this point I've not  problem....the button is OK and my script runs correctly.


            My next goal is to create a button (or another object/function)  that allow me to upload a file (csv) in the same path were is located the script (in this example is a folder /tmp/). For example imagine the "button" that allows us, in this community, to upload the image to our question.


            I hope to be clear and explained correctly my idea