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        Guy Eden

        Hi All,

        My name is Guy Eden, and I recently joined BMC to head the Control-M product management team.   One of my priorities is to get our product processes much more efficient and transparent, and the RFE process is one of the first we are addressing. Among other steps, we are creating a new system for recording and prioritizing RFEs -the current one is not maintainable and does not allow us to easily prioritize;  the product management team will be proactively dedicating more time to the analysis of RFEs; and we will commit to updating the most popular requests on a regular basis.  The precise prioritization and scheduling will be based on a variety of factors of course.

        We will also be looking at how we better get your input - we do have a very large number of Control-M users, so we need to find ways that fairly reflect the breadth of input we receive. This is something we'll be looking at once the new internal RFE mechanism is up and running, which should be during December.

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          Joe Goldberg

          Hi Control-M Community,


          I'm working on clarifying our GitHub presence and making everyone aware of what we have in place. Here is what we have today. I'd appreciate community feedback on this.

          1. controlm.github.io is the current home for Control-M Workbench. The primary purpose of this site (repo) is for developers/engineers who are completely unfamiliar with Control-M and wish to investigate Control-M on their own, using workbench as a vehicle.
          2. Under the github.com/controlm account, the repo above appears (controlm.github.io) but only because that's the way Github has implemented their .io sites; having a repo in the user account.
          3. The other repos are as follows:
            • automation-api-quickstart: This repo is owned by R&D and is a logical extension of the product documentation
            • automation-api-community-solutions: As its name implies, it is intended to contain sample implementations from customers, partners and BMC technicians in the field. This repo is owned by the Control-M pre-sales team.


          My understanding of Github is that there are only three permission levels: Owner, Member and Everyone. Due to the permission scheme, it seems the accepted mechanism for contributing updates is to submit a pull request. Everyone or more correctly anyone can submit such a request.


          This mechanism gives owners the opportunity to curate the content to ensure it meets some minimal levels of relevance and quality.


          If anyone has encountered a different model on Github, I'd appreciate hearing from you. What you see currently is our initial foray into Github and we are very anxious to get this right.


          Your help and input are actively solicited and very much appreciated.

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