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    Disable Single Sign On 9

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      Hi Guys,


      I don't want to uninstall SSO permanently) instead I want to disabled it (temporarily). My clients wants to conduct a workshop and they don't want to use SSO so they've asked me , how to disable it temporarily, all the options and solutions I've come across only remove the feature.


      Another aspect, the SSO feature has been implemented by a consultant who is not working anymore for my actual clients. I Tried to access the web admin interface and I was prompt for the credentials. Any idea on how I could get these credentials, perhaps the consultant used the default username and password for the SSO. Do you guys know them?


      OSB: My focus is disabling the SSO....


      Thank you...

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          Ariel Manka

          You need to edit two files in your ARSystem/midtier/WEB-INF/classes directory:

          1. rsso-agent.properties

          Add or uncomment line containing parameter skip-filter=true


          2. <MIDTIER>/webapps/arsys/WEB-INF/classesconfig.properties

          Change arsystem authenticator. Locate and comment out line containing entry:


          add new line with default authenticator as shown below


          Restart ARS, Midtier and RSSO