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    Upgrade or not to TSA 8903, now that BDSSA is end of Life aug 2019 and no existing Live Reporting role in place

    Barry Reilly
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      So the scenario is , back in april upgrade BSA to BSA 8.9.02, along with BDSSA.


      I now see an annoucementthat BDSSA is end of life as of august 2019, and had spent considerable time this year elarning it and trying to build solutions around it.


      There also has been a dependancy on the BDSSA warehouse database to run extracts for other systems such as : login history, asset info ,etc.


      So when I looked at both the document for 8.9 Live reporting I noticed it had changed, from  the previous 8.9.02 doc back a few months ago when I initially looked at installing it.


      I understand from talking with others Live Reporting up until now was considered 'meh, no point installing that, BDSSA is what you want to use'.



      So with the BMC roadmap saying TrueSight Reporting Server (formerly BSA Live Reporting) is the one to use, does it make sense to install the 8.9.02 version now with BSA 8.9.02.?


      or schedule time to upgrade BSA to TSA 8.9.03 then install fresh TSA Reporting (Live reporting) as a basis for the new reporting server instead?




      Some will argue why do we have to upgrade at all, and I remembered seeing a article on here somewhere , I think was in june about the release of 8903 /Truesight, saying we should aim to upgrade by December 2018.


      Is that end of support for BSA 8.9.02 and not end of life?



      I guess overall , the bigger picture for me personally, is why am I waiting , shouldnt I just get on with it and do the BSA-> TSA upgrade, install fresh TSA Live reporting.


      I will need better way of explaining to management why we need to do this,curious to see other opinions on this.