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    Which ports I need to have open between AR Server that are in different vlan?

    Josue Araujo
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      Hi team,


      I currently have 4 AR Server connected in Servers Group, 2 for user requests and two for administrative activities.

      I have already installed 2 more ARS Servers for integrations and REST API, these last two servers require configuring them in group of servers but they will not have any role within the group of servers, they are also in a different vlan. They only have access to the database but do not communicate with the other 4 AR Servers configured in group of servers.

      What communication ports do I need to open between the servers so that they can communicate with the 4 configured servers, these last two servers installed recently?

      I have only located two ports: AR System server TCP port and 61617 (Message Queue). Is another port needed?


      Thanks in advanced.


      Best Regards


      Josue Araujo