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    arerror.log - AR System Email Messages : Field Values Maximum Length 32000 - ARERR 372

    Miroslav Horvath
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      Hi, I'm reffering to this thread AR System  Email Messages : Field Values  which is a pretty old without solution.

      In our environment, 8.1.02 within the arerror.log we got this errors.

      I;ve checked the form AR System Email Messages and the field "Field Values" has 32000 size.  I was tracing the thing when it happens and found, that this kind of error happens only when user sends an email to Remedy (replying to some message or so) and his email has more than 32000 characters. You can try aswell, create any kind of email, e.g. 35000 characters long and send it to remedy. This error will appear in arerror.log.


      Could you check if this same issue happens also on rmd version 9 and if the "Field Values" field in version 9 has still 32 000 bytes size, or in version 9 it is changed to 0 (unlimited).