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    Passing a Date Parameter Witin the Command of an OS Job Type

    Ian Matthews
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      Hi All

           I have had a query/request regarding passing a current date parameter at the end of the command in an OS type job.

      The date is to always be the current date of when the job runs (there will be two occurrences of the job - not cyclic.  One at 21:00 and one at 04:00.  New Day is at 6am)

      Example of the command would look similar to the one below :-


      /opt/************/applications/casework-workflow-mi-task/source/casework-workflow-mi-task.sh -t (YYYY-MM-DD E)


      Where YYYY-MM-DD will always be the date of when the job runs, not when it is ordered.


      I am running v9.18

      Also, I must admit that I have never got to grips with using variables, so if this can be resolved by using them, I would very much appreciate a 'Dummies Guide' of how to set them up.


      Many thanks in advance