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    [WS][SOAP] API getLastError

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      Hello all,


      i am working with BMC 8.3 and we are using SOAP webservices. On the following web page Performing operations with SOAP Web Services - BMC Server Automation 8.2 - BMC Documentation i found very interesting information about the WSDL and usage.

      Unfortunately i did not find any information about  this particular point:

      HandshakeService (https://localhost:9843/services/HandshakeService?wsdl) - getLastError


      I would like to have a sample how to use this method. I am using 'curl' command to test the web service. i can do login/assumeRole/clitunnel but i would like to manage error using getlasterror method.


      Please help me as i did not find any discussion about the keyword 'getlasterror' in the BMC communities.


      Best regards,