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    Control-M v9 - Anyone using Oracle Dataguard with primary/secondary DB on two Hosts?

    Tammy Ryan
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      Our DB Admins are implementing Dataguard with our Oracle DBs but we're having trouble getting Control-M 9 v9.0.00.500 to work with a Service name which has a primary/secondary DB on two hosts without manually running dbconfig.  I see a few articles in Communities about Dataguard but no actual solution.  We're not set up for Control-M HA and we don't use Oracle RAC. 

      --> Common information for the Oracle database configuration with Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.00 or Control-M/Server 9.0.00 in a High Availability setup.
      --> Is it possible to install the Control-M using Oracle Database Server with Data Guard or Golden Gate Data Replication?


      BMC suggest manually running the dbconfig to swap between primary and secondary (which we can do and have tested) but I'm hoping there's a way to incorporate in to tnsnames.ora or something like that. 


      ServiceName = controlmcato.FQN
      Primary = abc123p  Host abc123p-host.FQN

      Secondary = abc123s  Host=abc123s-host.FQN