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    TSSA LiveReporting 8.9.x clean uninstallation fails

    Raja Rajesh


      I am trying to install livereporting 8.9.03 in my test environment  after uninstalling an earlier version livereporting 8.9.01. I am following the documentation available at

      Installing and configuring Yellowfin to enable Live reporting (for versions 8.9.01 and later) - Documentation for BMC Se…


      On running the livereporting 8.9.03 installer, I have  reached the screens where BMC Server Automation database server details are input and on hitting next the installer proceeds for validation and gives the error

          Database validation error


      •    Live_Reporting is already installed on this system.


      Attaching the error screen and the log files


      Although the uninstall of the previous version was successful, I am assuming it is related to reminents left behind from my previous installation but I can`t seem to find the fix.


      Appreciate your thoughts/help/suggestions....