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    Calendar - run every 4 months on 2nd business day - not on holidays

    Darin Miyashiro


      I'm having problem scheduling some jobs which is supposed to run on the 2nd business day every 4th month.

      Jan, May, Sept.


      I created a periodic calendar  (A,B,C) and also used confirmation calendar

      using holiday calendar which is work days Monday  to Friday excluding holidays.


      The problem is when a holiday falls on a Monday and it is the 1st of the month.

      Look at 2017 January.


      In January 2017 the job should run on 1/4/2017 not 1/3/2017.   Since Monday 1/2/2017 is a holiday, the 2nd business day is Wed 1/4/2017.


      My Periodic calendar looks like this.


      Holiday schedule 2017 looks like this