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    Issue with Self Service Viewing My Activity when a user submits on behalf of others

    Leslie Tilton

      Hello Remedyforcers!


      In our Remedyforce environment, we do not use any sharing rules, roles, or accounts.  If I set the Remedyforce custom setting propShowOthersIncident_in_SelfService as False, the client can only see incidents/requests they submitted for themselves.  If we set the value to True, the client now can see incidents they submitted for others but they can also see any incidents/requests submitted by anyone!  For us this is a serious problem.  To me, viewing my activity means seeing anything I have submitted - for myself or on behalf of others.  We have internal purchasing available in self service, and we and our clients do not want to expose everyone else's purchasing requests (or other sensitive requests) to every other client (we have 7000 clients in 34 departments).  On the other hand, if a client routinely submits numerous requests on behalf of others and we only allow "Self" and not "Others", they easily lose track of which requests they have entered and have no self service resource for getting the data they need.  This leads to errors and duplications, or clients entering themselves as the client ID so they can track their activity.


      We are extremely happy with Self Service 3.0 and with Remedyforce in general and we really rely on its resources.  I am hoping that I am missing something or that someone out there has a workaround for this use case.


      Thank you in advance!


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