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    Integrate RemedyForce with 3rd party SW migration package (Quest STAT)

    Randy Powell
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      I have a Change / release process where my developers track the progress of their development and deployment.  Once they determine (at the beginning of the change process) that a release & deployment will be required, they need to build an object in the SW library.  They use a 3rd party package to do that.


      How can I integrate RemedyForce to the 3rd party if the 3rd party provides web services integration?


      I read the docs.  I have created a remote site.  I am trying to create a Web API configuration & am running into a brick wall.


      When I enter the Service URL for a SOAP web service and click 'load methods' I get an error 'WSDL parsing has failed.  Verify Service URL and WSDL'.


      I am at a loss because the same URL can be copy & pasted into a browser and returns fine.