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    Adding Custom Fields to Smart-IT

    Mohammed Gharaibeh
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      I have tried to add custom fields into Change view in Smart-IT


      1. I have created a new custom field 'ALM_RequestID' with field id: 536870948 in "CHG:Infrastructure Change"

      2. I have copy this custom field and add it into the forms "CHG:ChangeInterface" and "CHG:ChangeInterface_Create" with same field name and id

      3. I have added the field to the filter mapping "CHG:ICI:CreateChange_100!`"

      4. I have added the field to the join form "CHG:InfrastructureChange_SLM_Join_Outer"

            - but here the field id has been changed to "536870934"

      5. In Smart-IT > Configuration > Screen Configuration > Change View > Additional Info

           - the field 'ALM_RequestID' is there but it is disabled and i got an error message that the field is missing in the form "CHG:InfrastructureChange_SLM_Join_Outer" while it has been added as in step 4


      any clue why is this happening !!!

      or what is still missing !!!


      Note 1: I have removed the suffix '__C" form the field name in all forms

      Note 2: I have followed the steps as in BMC document Adding custom fields to your views using Smart IT - BMC Remedy with Smart IT 1.4 - BMC Documentation