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    Need list of Control-M jobs

    Humayun Shaik

      Hello all,


      I need a list of Control-M job under a particular application which are active and which are expired. Is there a way to get this in Control-M version 7. Please let me know if possible. Thanks in advance.




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          James Perrone

          Nut sure exactly what you mean when you say active vs expired but you can look at the table manager and see all tables then export that list.  It will show the tables that have a User Daily attached and those that do not.  That would show what is getting scheduled into the AJF.


          You could also load all jobs into the desktop and then export that into Excel and use that for your list as well.


          Again I am not sure what you mean by active or expired....

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            Souparna Chatterjee



            Can anyone explain the process of extracting all the jobs from definition to an excel ?

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              James Perrone

              What version are you using ?  In V9 if you do Ctrl-L or list view then do a file- saveas, you will see an export to file that will provide an Excel option.  The other method would be to export as XML and then open up that XML in Excel.  This method will allow you to see every bit of data for all jobs.  IT can be handy as you will see the in/out conditions too.