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    Run Control M Job based on 2 calendars (Working day and Holiday Calendar)

    venkataraju saripella

      Hi Experts,


      I am new to control-M. I am not sure if this question is posted already, if so please excuse me and redirect me to the solution.


      Below is the requirement:

      1. A control M job should run on 25th of every month.

      2. If 25th is a non working day then the job should run automatically on the next working day and also should not run on Holidays(Based on Holiday Calendar).

      3. If 25th to end of the month is continuous holidays, then the job should run on next working day automatically even if it is falls on next month. In this special case, I need to capture the last working day of the previous month (maybe via a variable). (Ex. Job has to run on 25th, but due to continuous holidays the job runs on 1st of next month. In this case I need to capture the last working day of previous month, say 24th)


      Please guide me on how this can be achieved using Control M calendars. Should I maintain 2 different calendars to achieve this?