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    Remedyforce patch information

    Arto Laukka



      Question for the Remedyforce community: Where can I find information on latest Remedyforce patches and their content?

      Extra points for answering this: Which specific docs page I should set a "Watch" to get proactively notified of new Remedyforce patches?


      If I go and try to search for the latest Remedyforce "Winter 18 patch 3" in the Docs, it's not that easy to find. For example if I go to https://docs.bmc.com/docs/remforce201802/  and try to search for "20.18.03", there are no results. Also, the page listing known errors https://docs.bmc.com/docs/remforce201802/en/known-and-corrected-issues-801356647.html  does not have any reference to 20.18.03.


      Google does provide me with link to this site: Release schedules - BMC Remedyforce - BMC Documentation . It has the latest Winter 18 patch 3 listed but I still cannot find any information on the contents of it.