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    Please test "Send Extended Mail" Op Rule Step

    Steve Gibbs
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      I am hoping someone will test for me the following:


      BCM version 12.7.1

      Op Rule: Send Extended Mail in the Tools Folder

      Configure and add 2 attachments

      Assign to Master (already allowed to Relay Mail typically)


      Issue I am having is this step works fine if I only add a single file (500 kb text file max size)....  When I add a second file using a comma to separate the two files per tool tip (separate folder locations on Master Server) is the rule fails with "Bad Attachment" in the Op Rule Log... I need to see if issue is environmental or is it the Rule itself.


      The second file is only 25 KB


      If I get confirmation that the rule is the issue then I will ask customer to enter a BMC support ticket but hoping to find out ASAP so we can adjust process accordingly...  I need to create about 100 separate Op Rules with about 8 steps each to accomplish my task and am only on site with customer for 3 more days and lots to do... 


      Thanks in advance my fellow BCM Admins!