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    URL opening issue referenced on community discussions.

    Mohammad Rehman
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      Hi Matt Laurenceau / Shadab Ashraf / Vishnu Nair and team,


      I responded one of the member and referenced external url in discussion, later got message from community member unable to open and noticed BMC is preventing these urls to open.

      When I click on these urls get the following message.


      403 - Forbidden - ID: a1131282a191894d5489609b6a8a4650

      Please contact us at customer_care@bmc.com and provide this screenshot.


      Here is the thread where i responded and urls are prevented to open,

      Calculate Ageing buckets in Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1


      Another weird thing happened when i was tagging matt, all of sudden it becomes this:

      <body><p>Hello <a class="jive-link-profile-small jive_macro jive_macro_user" href="javascript:;" jivemacro="user" data-id="113" data-type="person" data-objecttype="3" ___default_attr="113" data-orig-content="Matt Laurenceau" data-renderedposition="10.166671752929688_43.80000305175781_124_17">Matt Laurenceau</a></p></body>


      Not sure whether its something wrong with me or community pages behaving differently.




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