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    SmartReporting - Deploying where data is fetched from the replicated AR database?

    Stefan Hall
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      a topic that affects two areas - AR Server and Smart Reporting.Hope I've made the right decision, we're just starting

      We want to redesign our environment so that we can use the "passive" database for smart reporting in our Oracle RAC/DataGuard. For this we need a new AR server to configure the special connection data (the red one in the picture from https://docs.bmc.com/docs/brid91/en/planning-bmc-remedy-smart-reporting-deployment-610402971.html).


      Now to the questions:

      1. Is this server really not part of the server group?
        Is this even possible from version 9.1.04? Server group member is always activated.
      2. What needs to be installed?
        Is the AR server sufficient or does it need the everywhere documented unit with Core/AI?
      3. Can I configure two different DB connections (SmartRep DB, AR DB) with jdbc ldap connection string?
        Then we wouldn't need a separate DB, we could use a schema in the "active" part.

      Thanks in advance


      2018-05-01 16_59_26-Planning BMC Remedy Smart Reporting deployment - Documentation for BMC Remedy IT.png