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    When should I upgrade to FootPrints Service Core 12?

    Andrew Esters
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      We are at a bit of a crossroads with FootPrints in our organization and I was hoping to get some feedback on this issue. Our IS department currently uses FootPrints 11.6.01 as an internal ticketing system, customers do not have access. I am in the process of setting up a test environment on a separate server. I installed version on the test server and plan on updating Production to that version once I've finished.


      In the next year or so I hope to set up the following:


      1. A working customer portal where users can submit tickets & check statuses, view KBs, etc.
      2. A change management process. Might be the Change Manager module, might be an in-house application that works with FootPrints.


      My question:  After I have the test environment in place, is it worth planning the migration to version 12 before setting up a portal & change management process? If not, how long can I expect version to be supported?