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    Issue With CI Unavailability for Rejected Changes

    Shreya Mauzo
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      We are trying to add Configuration Items through Relationship Tab for Rejected CRQs.

      CRQs can be accessed either by searching on Overview Console or from Search Change Functionality.


      1.If we search rejected CRQ from Search Change functionality and add Configuration Item in Relationship Tab, the CI gets related to CRQ.

      2.If we select rejected CRQ from Overview COnsole and then add Configuration Item in Relationship Tab, we get the error

      The Cross Referenced Request $1000000470$ has not been submitted, so its Assignment cannot be retrieved by the system. The system automatically sets theUnavailability Assignment to the Cross Referenced Request after the Cross Referenced Request is submitted and the Assignment method is set to Cross Referenced Request.

      Once we click on OK and CI form opens, all CI fields get blank.


      Is anyone aware about this issue?