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    Trigger HTTP post from TSIM events

    Mario Laurentz
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      Hi all,


      I would like to ask regarding BMC TSIM.

      We are planing to create incident ticket in our ticketing system whenever there is an alert with “Critical” status in TSIM.

      Our ticketing system could accept HTTP POST Request using JSON. The URL could be the same for particular incident, it is just that we need to modify the JSON, filled in the parameter with the alert/event information.

      What will be suitable approach for this ? using local action or remote actions ?

      How do TSIM event trigger HTTP post ?

      Many thanks for your response and help.


      Thanks & regards,


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          Brendan Murray

          Hi Mario,


          Local actions are only available on the TSIM Console and execute locally on the user's workstation. I don't think they are appropriate for what you describe above. If your goal is to create incident tickets automatically, i.e. without user intervention, then you should use either a remote action or the TSIM Publish-Subscribe REST API.


          I suggest you investigate the Publish-Subscribe REST API first. It allows you to create an event stream subscription that will cause TSIM to invoke a URL for every event that matches the selection criteria in the subscription. I believe the API uses an HTTP POST to do this, although the documentation does not specifically say so. You can find the BMC documentation on the Publish-Subscribe REST API here.


          As of this writing, there is no GUI for the Publish-Subscribe REST API, so you will need to register your event subscription by invoking the API with a REST client. I recommend Postman as it's free and easy to use, but any HTTP client that can pass JSON data should work. You can find an example of how to invoke the API in the PDF document attached to this BMC Communities post, TrueSight Web Services REST API by Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan.


          If, for some reason, the Publish-Subscribe REST API doesn't meet your needs, your other option would be to create a remote action and call it from an Event Management Policy or an MRL Rule. I can provide more details on how to do that if you decide you prefer the remote action approach. I recommend you explore the Publish-Subscribe REST API option first.





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            Mario Laurentz

            Hi Brendan,


            Thanks for your prompt response and explanation.

            We prefer to use remote action and could you help to share us some details or experience on that ?

            Many thanks


            thanks & regards,