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    CMDB CI Hyperlink?

    David Fiel
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      Has anyone built a CMDB hyperlink field in Smart Reporting similar to the "Incident Number Hyperlink" field on the Incident Details report?  It should be fairly straightforward to open BaseElement for any given CI, but I was wondering if anyone knew a way to make it open the right leaf class automatically.


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          Mohammad Rehman

          It is possible with little effort. If BMC provide the way to insert dynamically form name in the Hyer Link URL then very easily can be done. another way is to use simple formula and build the url and try. I will play with it and update.

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            Mohammad Rehman

            Hi David,


            How would you want to see the detail when click on the hyper link? If you share the mocked screen shot, i can share test the same to share the steps.




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              David Fiel

              I would want it to open the appropriate CMDB (or Asset) class form (ComputerSystem) and show the record for the given CI in the master dataset.

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                Mohammad Rehman

                I played a little bit and ask help from BMC support for dynamic insertion of multiple fields. It is joint effort to provide you solution, which might not be ideal but it accomplish to view the leaf.

                See Steps:( I have tested with asset management)


                1) First modify the Asset Management View and enhance it by adding  SHR:SchemaNames form in the view and create relationship see screen shot below

                    Add the Schema Name field in the available folder (Asset Detail)

                2) Create Report  using Asset Management view, Create Calculated Field


                How to add the strings piece by piece into the calculation: ( We need to find out the way to use the dynamic midtier and ar server name instead hard coded)

                          1.    <a href=" http://midtier01/arsys/forms/remedyapp01//SHR%3ALandingConsole/Default+Administrator+View/?mode=search&F304255500=%27179%27%3D%22

                          2.    + Schema Name

                          3.    + &F1000000076=FormOpen&F303647600=SearchTicketWithQual&F304255610=

                         4.    + Instance Id

                         5.    + %22"

                         6.    +  target="_blank"> Click To Open </a>


                      Add the calculated field Asset Hyperlink in the report and format as shown below in screen shot.


                View the asset by clicking the Click to Open link in the report.

                Note:- I have used the format to open asset detail within Landing Console with Application menu. If you need to open different you can use different way to display the asset see different way to open the form using direct url here Direct Access URL to INC, CRQ & TSK using SHR:LandingConsole


                I hope this will be useful.




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                  David Fiel

                  Wow, this is wonderful.  Thanks for all your diligence.

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                    James Bateman

                    This is just what im after, however im a little confused between your picture showing the Formula and the steps you have written to compile it as they're different.


                    Can you please confirm which one is correct as im trying to build this and im just getting a spinning circle when trying to save the formula so i must be doing something wrong.

                    Many thanks

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                      Mohammad Rehman

                      Hi James,


                      Sorry I was off for few days, my picture and formula should be same, please point me where is the difference?




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                        James Bateman

                        Part 1 of the link you say to put in the link right up to "3D%22" but in the picture goes to "F304255500="

                        There is also Class Name in the picture but in the breakdown you mention Schema Name?

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                          Mohammad Rehman

                          Thanks James Bateman for the correction. I was playing around and taken screen shots on different times. As Mentioned Schema Name comes from joins and you can call it Class Name or Schema Name ( In my cases I had them twice once as schema name and once as class name.

                          Rest you can follow the steps mentioned. If you are using 18.0.x then format will be little different due to new parameters are defined.


                          Here is the same report working with different format ( no server name hard coded) :

                          add this calculated field to report and click format edit.

                          Here is the full text entered in URL:



                          These are the parameters defined (Custom Parameters) ( Administration --> Configuration)





                          It will pickup the values defined for the above parameters.


                          I hope this helps.