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    Deploy jobs do not move further

    Santhosh Kurimilla

      Bill Robinson Sean Berry


      We are finding bit strange performance issue in our environment.


      When we kick-off a Deploy job, the initial 2 threads would be processed up to Simulate then, it will not move further. If we execute another Deploy job at the same time, it may or not complete the Simulate and move to Stage the, gets stuck there.


      - When we validate the appserver logs, no clue in them

      - All the JOB Servers have a good number of Worker Item (BlExec too) Threads available. In fact, all free

      - DB performance is normal

      - NSH Script and USP jobs run perfectly fine (hope, other type of jobs too)

      - We tried changing the Master Application Server by recycling the services


      What else can we validate and is this a known issue noticed in any other organization?