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    RSSO Getting User Name from the Authorization String

    Mandar Katdare

      Hi Guys,


      I am developing a custom web frontend for Remedy, which communicates with the application using REST API.


      In my current environment, we have a working instance of Remedy SSO that uses Kerberos Authentication.


      Now whenever I do the authentication, I get a cookie in response with the authString as per the below post:


      How to authenticate with RSSO and ASSO in REST API


      Again as per the post, I can utilize the authString to generate a JWT token. However, the token generation requires the login id for the user as well. But, given that Kerberos authentication is utilized, I do not see a way for actually getting the user name at any time during the process. However, determination of the user name seems to be working fine in other RSSO integration for e.g. with midtier or with MyIT/SmartIT.


      Any ideas on how I can actually determine the user name? Or any other way to get the token, without explicitly specifying the user name?