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    How to populate a table based on values from other table.

    Amrendra Singh

      In my environment a server(BMC_ComputerSystem CI) is always related to an Application (BMC_Application CI) by Dependency Relationship. Where Application is parent of server. In other sense, in relationship BMC_Application is Source CI and BMC_ComputerSystem is Destination CI.


      Each Application is related to people via different type of relationship like Managed By, Supported By which is saved in AST:AssetPeople form.


      And one server can be related to multiple Application.




      I am creating a form where when I copy the Server name and press enter it will list out all Application which is related to this server. Also I want to load all people related to the applications in the separate table in same form.


      Here you can see a panel called Application which holds a table to display all related application to a server. Now I want to add another panel which will hold table to display all people related to applications.