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    API stopped working after applying SSL to REST API

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi fellas,


      Currently Remedy REST APIs in my clients organization are HTTP based. However, it should be with HTTPS connection. As per the guidelines in




      we made necessary changes.


      After the changes, it is not working at all. We have tried with following options -


      1. Imported client system's Certificate and followed the process to configure from HTTP to HTTPS. (Post changes in jetty-selector.xml and restart of Remedy service, API stopped functioning)


      2. Created new certificate as per the steps provided in the BMC doc from above link. Created the Keystore. Modified the jetty-selector.xml. (Post Changes in file and restart of Remedy service, API stopped functioning)



      We performed the steps which are given in the link .However, API‘s are not responding at all. Getting following error when tried to consume it through postman.

      After applying the settings, API ’s with HTTP settings are also not running.




      We checked for the below 2, but they are fine



      Also we gathered arerror.logs


      I have not attached the entire logs, but the only those part of the logs where I think point towards whats going wrong (Attachment name - Logs snippets JMS exceptions)

      If required, I will attach the entire logs I got, but I don't think there's anything significant to be found.


      Kindly advise on what can be done here.


      Thanks in advance

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