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    Populating Notes in an Efficient & Readable Manner

    Patrick J McCauley
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      We are building out a number of SRDs in Digital Workplace. As we've run into more complex SRDs, we've had increasingly divergent question paths that a user could potentially go down due to various conditional responses, etc. Within our SRD, we'd like to concatenate each question to its respective response, and separate each question/response pair with a line break or unordered list. However, I've tried inserting "\n", "<br>", "<ul>" and even copy/pasting from notepad a manually entered line break into the Expression within the Workflow, but DWP apparently trims off any blanks. None of these have worked.


      Has anybody encountered anything similar / had any success breaking up the fields? Currently, they just spit out as a jumbled mess for us. I tried to use the various posts I found of similar issues from back in the 2014-2015 time frame, but again did not find any success.